Home Appliances list For New Home in 2020

Home Appliances list

List of Houshold Appliances – Best Gift Ideas

If you are moving to a new house or getting married or looking for gifts to buy for your love ones. Then, you should read this article.

There are many domestic electrical appliances which are very important for every house. 

Here is the complete list of electrical items in a house:

1. Washing Machine

Washing machine is one of the most important home electrical appliances. You have heard this quote:

Roti, Kapda aur Makaan

From this quote it’s clear that everyone needs clean clothes. But washing those with bare hands in this bussy life impossible for people like us.

So, washing machine is a must appliance in this scenario. 

There are two types of washing machines semi automatic and fully automatic. 

You can get attractive offers! and great discounts! via shopping online than local markets. 

2. Refrigerators

Refrigerator is the second important electrical appliance in our house.

There are many brands and models of refrigerators available in the indian market. This makes it a very daunting task to choose the best refrigerator.

You can buy any type of refrigerator online whether a single door, double door or triple door or side by side.

3. Air Conditioners

Air conditoners is a boon for people living in hot and humid areas. 

India is a tropical country with hot temperature, so one needs to buy the best air conditioner for his/her comfort.

Depending upon your needs and space availablity you can buy either split or window ac in various loads like 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton or 2 Ton capacity.

4. Televisions

Televisions have evolved with technology, a decade ago there were high cost LCD Tvs but now you can get LED, Ultra HD or Smart Tvs at a reasonble price.

Smart Tvs have changed the entertainment industry from Dth or cables to OTT players like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

No need! to wait for ads break to watch your favourite series or shows. All you need is wifi connection to stream or you can stream via connecting your smartphone to smart Tv.

5. Water Purifiers

Life without clean and pure drinking water is impossible. Always give your family safe and healthy water for drinking. 

For this, you’ll need a good water purifier or RO depending upon your needs and budget. 

6. Vacuum Cleaner

In this busy lifestyle, no one has time to take a broom and clean their house. So it’s essential fot you to have an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner.

It can easily clean the dust and tiny waste from any surface. You can get one with great offers via online shopping.

7. Rice Cooker

This appliance is perfect for students living in hostels. It can easily cook rice and lentil soup.

So you won’t need to worry about wasting precious time for cooking.

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