Bluehost India Coupon Code (July 2020) | Get Up to 65% Off!

Bluehost is a premium web hosting company that provides various hosting plans from shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

However, newbie bloggers don’t have enough money for cloud or dedicated hosting. So they have one option left that is shared hosting.

Perhaps shared hosting is best when you’re just starting your blogging journey.

In this article, we’ll try to suggest the best plan and give away Bluehost India coupons for various hosting plans.

Things to consider before buying a web hosting:

1. Plans

Bluehost offers 4 different plans for shared hosting and it’s really important to invest in a good web hosting player but it’s also important to choose the right plan according to your needs.

Here is a table that lets you choose your hosting plan.

No. of websitesSSD StorageBandwidthFree SSL
BasicSingle50 GBUnmetered Yes
PlusunlimitedUnlimited Unmetered Yes
Choice PlusunlimitedUnlimitedUnmetered Yes
ProunlimitedUnlimitedUnmetered Yes

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Hosting PlansBest for
Shared HostingNew websites or blogs
VPS HostingModerate to High traffic sites
Dedicated HostingHigh traffic websites

What is shared hosting?

The word ‘shared’ means there are multiple websites hosted on a single server. Resources such as memory and bandwidth are shared by multiple websites.

It means you are not allotted a fixed amount of those resources by hosting companies.

There are few points to keep in mind before buying any hosting such as:

  • No. of websites you can host on a single hosting
  • Response time
  • Speed
  • Security and SSL certificate
  • Storage type (SSD is a must)
  • Bandwidth
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

And Bluehost offers 4 different plans for shared hosting according to the points mentioned above.

Bluehost India Coupon Code (July 2020) | Get Up to 65% Off! 7

You can select any of the above plans based on your requirements. But we suggest you go with the basic plan if you’re just starting out.

Besides, you can always upgrade your plan anytime if your web site’s traffic is skyrocketing.

What is VPS hosting and when do you need it?

VPS also called Virtual Private Server is different from shared hosting. You get private (dedicated) resources on a server with multiple websites.

It means there will be some allocated RAM and bandwidth to each user. You will need VPS hosting when your shared hosting plan shows a 503 error due to sudden traffic spikes.

You should feel lucky if your website’s traffic increases as your revenue will also increase.

Bluehost provides 3 VPS plans such as:


Free Trial









2 Cores

30 GB SSD Storage


1 TB Bandwidth

1 IP Address

Free Domain for 1st year




2 Cores

60 GB SSD Storage


2 TB Bandwidth

2 IP Address

Free Domain for 1st year




4 Cores

120 GB SSD Storage


3 TB Bandwidth

2 IP Address

Free Domain for 1st year

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