Best Microwave Ovens in India (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

best microwave oven

Nowadays science and technology have made our lives so easy. One of the best gifts that technology has gifted us with is microwave.

It is an electrical appliance that becomes a demand for every kitchen. Without any flame or fire, you can cook, reheat, bake, grill or roast your favorite food in just a touch of a button.

But the question arises which microwave oven to buy?

If you are looking to buy a microwave and stuck up which type of microwave suits you perfectly. This article will give you a clear idea about a microwave that suits you the best. So that your money doesn’t get wasted.

The science behind the heating mechanism of the microwave without fire is that it uses a part called a magnetron. It’s the main part.

The tungsten and the thorium element inside it produce electromagnetic waves of certain frequency which makes the water molecules in our to vibrate.

As a result of this, the food gets heated up. This is why it’s a bit difficult to heat very dry food in the microwave.

Basically there are 3 types of the microwave:

  • Solo Microwave
  • Grill Microwave
  • Convection type Microwave

These are some of the important points that will help you to choose your best fit:

1.Types of Microwave:

Solo Microwave

These are the basic type one microwave. They can be used to reheat food items like boiled rice, boiled potatoes, noodles, and popcorn.

But you can’t use to grill, roast or bake things.

Grill Microwave

It is one level above the solo microwave and it has all the features of the solo microwave.

You can use it to grill sandwiches, make pizza or enjoy your favourite paneer and chicken tikkas.

Convection Microwave

These type of microwaves have an additional fan, and a heating element that distributes air by virtue of which you can also bake food like cookies or you can have your roasted meat.

According to the extent of usage or the level of cooking you need to get from the microwave oven.

The size or capacity of a microwave is related to the amount of food you can put in at a time and is measeured in litres.

2. Capacity

Now, this is the factor that depends upon the no. of your family members. Once you have selected the type of microwave you have to decide the capacity.

No. of Family MembersCapacity in Litres
2 to 4 members15 to 20 litres
4 to 6 members21 to 30 litres
6 & above members32 litres

3. Price

Now this factor is the most important factor. The prices of different brands vary but more or less they lie in a range.

Depending upon the capacity the cost of the microwave we have outlined the price range with types in the table below.

Type of microwavePrice Range
Solo Microwave 5K – 7K rupees
Grill Microwave 8K to 12K rupees
Convection microwave12K to 18K rupees

4. Power

It’s also an important factor to cope up with our fast-moving life. The more the power rating of a microwave the less will be its heating time and vice versa.

Type of MicrowavePower Requirement
Solo600 – 900 Watt
Grill900 – 1200 Watt
Convection1200 – 1650 Watt
It is also recommended that if you have a large family, go for a high power option in the respective microwave type.

5. Features

While buying a microwave you have to look for some features that will surely add some stress to your cooking experience.

a) Child Lock

Now if you have children in house that are always touching and playing with electrical appliance then child look is a handy feature for you.

Just set a password so that even if you are not around the microwave the child remains safe from any accident.

b) Auto Cook Menu

Surely if you are investing money you want the microwave to do something for you.

The auto cook menu is the feature it gives you a variety of pre-installed cooking instructions for a variety of food items.

This means that the microwave will automatically select the temperature, time & other parameters.

Once you have picked the type of food you want to cook the microwave will do everything itself while you enjoy your favorite show.

c) Preheating

Some food requires a certain preheat time so that an optimum temperature is reached before the actual heating starts.

Make sure the microwave has low preheat time

d) Defrost

Frozen food have become an inevitable part of our kitchen.

So if your microwave has this feature you only need to activate the defrost mode and rest will be handled by it.

Last but not least is…

e) Type of Touch

Some microwaves have mechanical knobs for adjusting time & temperature. Some have feature touch buttons with an electric display and input digital buttons.

The latest one has a tactile touch that works on wheel control. Check which one best suits you.

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